Welcome to the Rachel Richards Physiotherapy

I am dedicated to helping people of all ages in the pursuit of their physical freedom and goals. To have physical freedom means that you are functioning optimally to move freely, participate freely, and live pain free. Essentially it means that you are free to be.

Through physiotherapy, current research, and a holistic approach I assess how the body works together to create functional movement. This process identifies problem areas and helps determine the best treatment approach for each person. There are a broad range of services to accommodate the needs of all clients, no matter your age, injury, or goals. Please browse the services available to see if your needs can be met, and if you have any questions visit the Connect tab to send an email or call at your convenience. Learn more about a specific service offered like Shockwave Therapy, acupuncture, and pelvic floor therapy. Learn about our physio near me services and contact information. 

Looking forward to helping you in the pursuit of your physical freedom!