Therapeutic Exercises or Sports Specific Conditioning:

can be prescribed to help rehabilitate injury, prepare for surgery, or achieve athletic goals. Exercise prescription can be provided during treatment sessions in clinic for clients who will take them home to perform either there or at their gym. Otherwise, the physiotherapist can arrange to meet the client at their gym of choice to receive their program and orient them to the equipment. 

Chronic Disease Management:

Exercises can be prescribed based on current research evidence for people with conditions such as arthritis, cardiac, chronic pain, inflammatory/rheumatic diseases, metabolic (Diabetes), and neurological management (MS, Parkinson’s, Stroke). 

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Exercise prescription can include a combination of the following:

  • agility and coordination training
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • core stabilization
  • flexibility
  • motor recruitment patterning and retraining
  • muscular endurance, strength, or power
  • proprioceptive training/balance

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Exercise equipment can include a combination of the following:

  • balance boards
  • body weight/gravity
  • cardio machines
  • exercise balls
  • foam rollers
  • free weights
  • massage balls
  • machine weights
  • medicine balls
  • pulleys
  • steps/ boxes
  • therapeutic resistance bands
  • your own free will