Hypopressive/Low Pressure Fitness exercises are a blend of postures with specific breath work that activate the deep core muscles in order to improve abdominal wall and pelvic floor strength, as well as cardiovascular function. The exercises reduce intra-abdominal pressures on the pelvic floor and abdominal wall and work to balance the distribution of pressure through the trunk and pelvis.

This technique, developed in Europe, has shown success in helping to rehabilitate diastasis rectus abdominus and pelvic floor dysfunction. In fact in Spain and other European countries it is adapted into mainstream prenatal fitness and postnatal rehabilitation, including those offered in hospital to new mothers. It is also widely used in athletes to enhance cardiovascular performance.  As a bonus, the hypopressive breath work can really create a stimulating effect that enhances alertness, and overall energy!  Exercises can be taught in private physiotherapy sessions, or if interested in learning within a group setting click here and send a request! 


Hypopressive/Low Pressure Fitness Experiences