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Manual therapy is a hands on approach to help release tight muscles, restricted joints, and scar tissue in order to regain full range of motion, reduce pain, and improve overall mobility and function.

Types of manual therapy include:

Deep frictions: pressure applied perpendicular to the tissue fibers to bring circulation, reduce pain, and help connective tissue realign for injured tendons, ligaments, and muscle.

Joint Manipulation/Mobilization: Joint manipulations are rapid movements at a joint’s end range to help quickly release restricted areas and restore movement. Joint mobilizations are graded gliding of a restricted joint to help it ease into its full range of movement. Both techniques help reduce pain and bring circulation to the restricted area while restoring movement. 

Soft tissue release/massage: kneading, and applying pressure through tight muscles and trigger points or fascia in order to help tissue to soften and relax. 

Scar mobilization: scar tissue can reduce your mobility, especially if the skin has adhered to the connective tissue below it there will be restrictions and possibly pain from superficial nerves in the area. Progressive pressure applied to the area in various directions can help improve movement, similar to techniques used in Soft Tissue Release as described above.